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Welcome to OxygenOT

New season started on 21th Jan 2022
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26 Jan 2022

Server back to online again. It is running now on a new host to avoid connection problems betweeen datacenter and players.

26 Jan 2022

Server is going to be down for an hour or less to move to the new host.

17 Jan 2022

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Latest News

Most Power Guilds

24.1.2022 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Patch 2.1

Hello everyone,

During past days and with today's server save made some changes, check them:

  • Increased spawn rate 2x faster than first day.
  • Added !donate command to check how to donate easily.
  • Modified daily tasks and should be more better now, check from here.
  • Modified prices of NPCs who are selling items like Frodo.
  • Fixed kick issue that happens randomly to some of players.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Best Regards,

17.1.2022 by ADM Oxygen News Icon OxygenOT new season!

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that our OxygenOT is going to start a new season next Friday 21-1-2022 at 18:00 PM GMT time.

I hope you like changes and things i have done with it.
I did a lot of changes to make it more better than before.


Let me share some information about it,

Connection information:
Custom (based on 8.60 with custom sprite
Regular Client
Android Client
Download - OxygenOT (
Create account:
Create Account - OxygenOT (

Server information:
Exp rate: Stages (Exp Stages - OxygenOT (
Loot rate: x1
Skills rate: x8
Magic rate: x10
Exp from players: x1
Exp from players during guild wars: x1.5
Map: EVO (custom edition)
Attack Type: Fast Attack
Protection Level: 150
Skulls: Yes.
PZ Lock: 1 min.
White Skull Time: 5 min.
Red Skull Time: 3 days.
Frags to Red Skull: 10.
Frag Time: 5 hours.

Game information:
Daily and hourly bosses.
Daily events with premium points reward.
Normal tasks and daily tasks with great rewards.
Custom items with new stats.
Custom hunts, quests and monsters.
Attribute points can be collected and use them to gain stats.
No multi clients.
Great systems like (Auto loot, Live cast, Boss reward and Guild wars)
Extra experience for guild wars.
Team hunts with party sharing experience based on how many players in the party.
Melee skill so knights can used any kind of weapon without need to train each kind (axe, sword or club).
Wand skill for sorcerers and druids to determine your damage.
All damages dealt based on your skills, level and weapon attack.
New character description shows much information about you.
Custom spells with nice effects.
Balanced vocations.
No pay to win as everything can be obtained from the game and items in the shop only to support server to keep it online.
Active and kind team which can offer support at any time.

Contact information:
Join the OxygenOT Discord Server! (

I hope you enjoy your time with us!

Now, let me share some photos from OxygenOT,