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23 Jun 2021

Everything back to normal now, hope you enjoy your stay with us.

22 Jun 2021

Finally we fixed lags, everything should work smooth now. Going to announce about more soon.

22 Jun 2021

Server is online again but we still checking if any lags will happen again or not, so please report any lags to us.

21 Jun 2021

Server will be closed till we get a reply from our hosting provider about these DDos attacks.

19 Jun 2021

House decoration contest!
Check more information about the event from here:

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23.6.2021 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Special Boss Event!

Hello everyone,


Special boss event.


Wednesday 23-6-2021 at 20:00 (GMT time)
Use !time command to know current GMT time.


Special boss event teleport which is located in the events room.


23.6.2021 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Quick news about what happened lately!

Hello everyone,

Finally we fixed lag problems.

I would like to thank you for your patience.

Everything back to normal again.

We are working always to make Oxygen updated and perfect.

Systems back to work again:

  • Guilds wars system.
  • Live cast system.

Regarding Auto loot system:

  • It is disabled for now.
  • We are going to replace it with better one.
  • It won't take long time will we add new one.

Some changes and fixes happened:

  • Added system to know reason of lags, so we can fix them as fast as we can if happened.
  • !frags command should show now your correct monthly frags.
  • White skull time is 3 minutes instead of 1 minute.


I know most of you was suffering from what happened, so i decided to do this compensation:

  • 3 premium days for every one will be added today to all current accounts.
  • 50% extra experience rate starting from tomorrow's server save for 2 days. (Till Saturday server save)


20.6.2021 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Quick news regarding to issues happened lately!

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologize for issues happened lately.

We are here always to fix problems.

I would like to compensate everyone with 3 premium days.

Some changes done, let me tell you more about them:

  • Dungeons.
    • 4 players required.
    • 20 hours cooldown.
    • Monsters experience nerfed.
    • It is a place to farm experience and to achieve the required kills to get your reward (silver tokens)
  • Silver tokens.
    • It is used to get items from NPC Adam.
    • It is needed for souls quest.
  • Auto loot system.
    • It is back to work now hoping no more lags because of it.
  • Guilds wars system.
    • It is working now again.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


20.6.2021 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Special Boss Event!

Hello everyone,


Special boss event.


Sunday 20-6-2021 at 20:00 (GMT time)
Use !time command to know current GMT time.


Special boss event teleport which is located in the events room.


20.6.2021 by ADM Oxygen News Icon Patch 8

Hello everyone,

Some changes already applied and rest will be applied with next server save, let me tell you more about them:

  • Dungeons rework.
    • Now there are 12 dungeons.
      • 2 dungeons for each level range (300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000)
    • You can enter dungeons once per day.
      • For example: if you are at level 500, so you can do dungeon level 300 once and dungeon level 500 once.
    • Dungeon time is 30 minutes.
    • You need 4 players to start the dungeon.
    • You have to kill required kills to get a reward when time end.
    • Rewards:
      • Silver Token.
        • Level 300 = 1
        • Level 500 = 2
        • Level 800 = 3
        • Level  1000 = 4
        • Level 1500 = 5
        • Level 2000 = 6
    • Dungeon monsters almost same damage and health like other monsters in the same range with 5x experience more than normal monsters.
  • Added NPC "Adam" in depot second floor.
    • He can trade some items for silver tokens.
    • Check his items list by reading the book next to him.
    • Many new items will be added in the future.
  • Donation castles update.
    • We have changed the design.
    • It has house tiles inside it now.
    • Bosses no longer give to all players, you have to loot from body like regular monsters.
    • Added 20 new castles.
  • Added modification to current rules.
  • Added a new place for special bosses event.
    • Teleport to there inside events teleport.
  • Added a new item to donation shop "Premium Scroll".
    • It gives 30 days  of premium account.
    • It will be available after server save.
    • Cost: 1000 premium points.
  • Added Death channel.
    • It shows who killed on PVP.
  • Added some items to be sold for tokens using blue key.
  • Added 2 new tasks.
  • Reduced the price of PVP ON/OFF items.
    • Cost: 1000 premium points each.
  • Reduced player vs player (PVP) damage by 25%.
  • Exana vis now will work for all vocations.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Urgent Client update:

  • All clients updated.
  • You must update your client to work with new update without any problem.
  • Let me tell you more information:
    • OxygenOT OTClient (No Bot), OxygenOT OTClient (Bot included), OxygenOT OTClient for Android.
      • These clients have auto updater and once you restart it, it will update itself automatic.
    •  OxygenOT Regular Client.
      • This client will update itself only if you run this file (oxygenot_client_updater.exe).
      • Run the file and wait till it make the update then click on Start Game.
  • If you failed to update your client, you can download it again from here: