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OxygenOT Commands

You can also make !commands command ingame, so you can check your commands.

Name Description Comment
!online Show you online players.  
!frags Show you how many frags do you have.  
!uptime Show you the server uptime.  
!time Show you current OxygenOT time.  
!pvp Show you server pvp type.  
!points Show your current oxygen premium points balance.  
!shop This command made to buy items directly using the command without need to visit the teleport or use lever.
!shop - show list of all items.
!shop ITEM_NAME - to buy item.

Enable/Disable safe pvp mode.

Safe pvp mode is used to let you attack only skulled players so you won't get a skull if someone next to you without skull.

!q Show your money balance which is in your backpack.  
!bosses Check bosses if alive or killed and shows time left to spawn if killed.  
!serverinfo Show you server info, exp rate, loot rate, etc..  

Change your sex. (male or female),

cost: 3 premium days.


Show your best damage per second on trainers.


Check commands for Auto Loot system.

Auto Loot System


Check commands for Live Cast system.

Live Cast System

Buy first promotion,

cost 2cc.


Check you running tasks and how many you killed.


Buy Backpack,

cost 1cc.


Buy Amulet of Loss,

cost 1cc.


Buy Stone Skin Amulet,

cost 10cc.

!rof Buy Ring of Fire which protects you 60% from fire damage, cost: 10cc.  

Buy Ring of Physical which protects you 10% from physical damage,

cost: 10cc.


Buy Dice,

cost: 1cc.


Buy 100 Brown Mushrooms,

cost: 1cc.


Buy Paw Amulet which gives you 250 hp/mana per second also works as a forever aol,

cost: 1 uber token.


Buy Starlight Amulet which gives you 5 all skills also works as a forever aol,

cost: 1 uber token.

!balance Show your current bank balance.  

Gives you information about your current health and mana.


Buy Blessing,

cost: 10 crystal coins.

You do not lose backpack with blessing.

Buy Epic Blessing,

cost: 5KK gold.

Makes you lose only 2 levels no matter which level you are.

You do not lose backpack with blessing.

Activates the auto blessing system,

example: !autobless on / !autobless off


Enable or disable magic shield,

example: !manashield on / !manashield off


Enable or disable ingame magic effects,

example: !magiceffect on / !magiceffect off


Enable or disable ingame distance effects,

example: !distanceeffect on / !distanceeffect off


Report any bugs or player ingame,

example: !report Bug is here GM, check it please.


Check your jail time.

!spells Show you your spells ingame.  
!explopoints Show you how many explorer points do you have.  
z/Z To put a bomb in Bomberman game. Only in Bomberman game.
!buyhouse Buy house.  

Sell house.

example: !sellhouse "PlayerName"

alana sio

Kick someone from your house,

example: alana sio "GM Oxygen"

aleta grav Add someone who can open this house door.  
aleta sio Add someone who can enter your house but can not open doors.  
aleta som Add someone to your house with more abilities like using aleta sio, open doors.  
!leavehouse Leave house.  

Create guild ingame,

example: !createguild Noobs


Join guild ingame after someone invited you,

example: !joinguild Noobs


Invite someone to your guild,

example: /invite GM Oxygen

Only in guild chat.

More commands for guild management.

Only in guild chat.

Invite another guild to war or accept war from another guild, Please check the Guild Wars page in website,

!war invite,guild name,fraglimit
!war invite,guild name,fraglimit,money,time
!war accept,guild name
!war reject,guild name
!war end,guild name
!war cancel,guild name

Guild wars command.

Only in guild chat.


To add money into your guild balance, only guild leaders can use it,

!gbalance donate 1234
!gbalance pick 1234

Guild wars command.

Only in guild chat.


Use this command to send a message to all guild members who is online,

example: !guild Hello my people

!go Use this command to change outfit of all your guild members to be like you.