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Start at Sunday 10/1/2021 at 12:00 PM GMT

Learn more about OxygenOT by visiting these 2 pages:-

- Wiki (Tells you more about OxygenOT systems)
- New Players Guide (Tells you how to get level fast and how to be unique in OxygenOT)

OxygenOT New Players Guide

Made by Elyus Rhie


Getting Started:

  • First of all you have to create a character for yourself.
  • In OxygenOT, there are the 4 basic tibia vocations; knight, paladin, druid and sorcerer.
  • Each vocation can be promoted 3 times.
  • The higher your promotion, the more attack speed your character will have.
  • Last promotion will also grant you a powerful spell for each vocation.
  • First promotion you can get by leveling to 50 (automatic), or buying at temple +2 NPC at level 20 or use of command !promotion at level 1
  • You’ll get a second promotion by using a promotion note.
    (Buy with 10 uber tokens from the token shop, teleporter is located in the temple.)
  • Third and last promotion you can get by completing the Promotion Doll quest.
    • This quest requires level 800 and recommended to have a small team.
  • Vocations and Promotions:
    • Sorcerer - Master Sorcerer - Dark Wizard - Illusionist
    • Druid - Elder Druid - Holy Priest - Elementalist
    • Paladin - Royal Paladin - Nobleman - Elf
    • Knight - Elite Knight - Barbarian - Ninja


Important Information:

  • You have now created your first character and are ready to start playing the OT.
  • It is important to start working on tasks from the start, as you will need 100 task points to enter Demon Oak at a later level, which is a quest that rewards you with the best legs in the game.
  • You can start tasks from Grizzly Adams, an NPC that is located in temple +3.

  • Tasks will reward you with tokens and levels.
    • Read more about tasks here.
  • You will also want to add tokens to your autoloot with the command !autoloot add, token (You can also add other items)
  • Tokens are a very important currency, they will allow you to buy items from the token shop, and upgrade gems to increase the stats of your items.
  • It is also a good idea to start collecting items for addons, as collecting all of them will give you a big boost.
    • Read more on how to get them here.
  • Boost comes from collecting all addons:
    • +10% max health and mana.
    • +300 health and mana regeneration per second.
    • +300 speed.
    • +10 skills.
    • +10 magic levels.
  • Good candidates for this slot are the token shop helmets, golden helmet from 550 quest, santa hat from annihilator 2 and Oxygen helmet from a level 800 quest, for maximum spell damage use Archer’s Bow is best for that slot for every class.
  • Having VIP and Oxygen manarune will make your leveling faster and smoother.
  • You can get premium points from events, or by donating.
  • A good source of points is the boss event which happens every day and every participant will get 50 premium points.
    Read more about events here.


Leveling UP:

  • Tasks from Grizzly Adams will give you a rough idea on where to level, although starting at 400 the best place to exp is Dravens.
  • Pick the task from NPC and if you’re VIP, you can use the shortcut teleport in temple to reach the hunting grounds faster.
  • Otherwise start heading north-east to the desert and you will reach the teleporter.

  • At level 650 the best place is Amumus. You can find the teleporter in the Hydra teleporter and head east.

  • Reaching level 800 is a bit slow, but you can do tasks like Biphrons, Ogres and Beggars.
  • When you reach level 800, you unlock a few important quests, namely Blessed set and Oxygen Helmet quest that you should look to complete as soon as possible.
  • Those items will give a huge boost to your damage and survivability.
  • Having these items and 60 task points, you can start hunting at lizard city.
  • You can find the teleporter by taking the ship teleporter from the temple, going to Baron City and heading south-west.

  • There you should have an easy time leveling to 1000, then you will have the option to start tasking lizards, medusas or blobs.
  • Blobs are better exp but you will need the task points from lizards or medusas.
  • You can find blobs in Desert City Depot.
  • Blobs will get you to 1500 quite fast, and then you unlock your next hunting place.
    • And that is Nomads, you can also find them in the Desert City Depot.
  • There you will start to get a lot of tokens, but you will need to add these 3 items in your autoloot:

    Justice Seeker
    King Axe
    King Hammer

  • Each of these 3 items sell for 400 tokens, so it’s very important to loot them and sell with your blue key.
  • You should take level 2000+ in nomads and start upgrading your gear with gems you can buy from the temple +3 floor.
    Equipment upgrading gems cost 25 uber tokens each.
    Weapon upgrading gems cost 30 uber tokens each.
  • Having upgrades in your gear and level 2000+ you can start to try your luck in Dark Cathedral, but be aware, these monsters hit extremely hard and the spawn is filled with them.
    • You can find the spawn by going to the Orshabaal teleporter and heading west.

  • The last hunting place is Orc Fortress, the spawn is very challenging and requires a very high level to survive 3000+ recommended. (Spawn is located in the orc teleporter)



  • There are a few quests that will give your damage and survivability a huge boost, first one being the Blessed Set quest, which unlocks at level 800.
  • All of the pieces from that set are very good, but the shield and boots you will keep for a long time, so those are good candidates for upgrading gems.
  • The other pieces you will replace fairly quickly, so don’t waste your gems on those.

  • Another great quest you can do at 800 is the Oxygen Helmet quest, it has amazing stats and you will also have this helmet for a long time so it’s a good idea to upgrade it with gems.

  • At level 700 you will get a nice weapon from Baron quest, but don’t upgrade it, as you will get a better weapon at 850 from Oxygen weapon quest. This weapon is worth upgrading.

  • Inquisition quest unlocks at level 1000 and it will give you the best armor in the game. The quest is fairly easy, the monsters don’t hit too hard, but the bosses have a lot of hitpoints. This being the best armor in the game, it’s worth upgrading.

  • At level 900 you get to do the Ring quest. For now, that is the best ring in the game. Worth Upgrading.

  • When you have collected 100 task points, and completed the prison task, you can enter Demon Oak. This quest rewards you with the best legs in the game. Worth upgrading.
  • Having gathered task points you are now also able to participate in killing the prison boss, Gazharagoth.
    • It has a 50% chance to spawn every day.
    • Read about the spawn time here.
    • The boss has a chance to drop 2 bags.
      Damage bag
      Protection bag

  • Annihilator 3 will give you the best necklace in the game, but you need items to enter the quest. The quest also requires level 1000.
    • 100 iron ore
    • 100 of all color pieces of clothes
    • 100 vampire dust
    • 100 demon dust
    • 100 chicken feather
    • 100 magic sulphur
    • Dragon claw
    • Completion of annihilator 1 and 2
    • 50 gold nuggets
    • 5 uber tokens

  • At level 2000 you will unlock the ring quest, hardest quest in the game.
    • To enter the quest teleporter you must first collect 10 explorer points from anywhere around the map.
    • Explorer points are marked with a sparkling effect.
    • You can check your collected explorer points with the command !explopoints.
    • This quest requires a very good team.

      You can find your first explorer point from this stone coal basin. You can see a faint sparkling effect in the fire. Click it and you’ll have obtained the explorer point.

      There’s another point in the orcs teleporter. Close to the stairs that lead to the city.

      In Ferumbras’ the point is in the long road that doesn’t loop around the hunting place.

      Orc Fortress, -3 floor inside the teleport. A very dangerous place for lower levels. It’s in the middle of the room where there would be a teleport to deeper banuta in Tibia.

      Golden helmet quest, just walk along the cave. You’ll find it.

      3rd promotion quest, right after the first teleporter. Bring a teleport scroll with you if you don't want to do the rest of the quest.

      Forbidden Islands, take the right path from Palwosis and you’ll find this.

      Really close to the entrance. Go up 2 floors from north and west.

      South-west from entrance, dwarves.

      2- floor in Ogres. Somewhere in the north-east.



  • Forbidden island is the place where you will get the last best pieces of gear for your helmet, shield, boots, weapon and to some degree, your arrow slot.
  • To enter Forbidden Island, you will need 50 gold nuggets.
  • There you will find 5 minibosses that drop Boss Eggs.
  • There is an announcement every time a boss spawns, read about the spawn times here.
  • Forbidden Island is a maze and to find your way through the place can be challenging.

  • You can find the first boss, Cartpis on the floor you come down to. Your location is marked with the green up arrow. Cartpis’ location is marked with a skull.
  • To find the next bosses head to the green down arrow and then down again. You will arrive at the main floor of the Forbidden Island where most of the bosses are located.

  • Boss locations are marked with a skull. Yatris is to the north, Palwosis is to the south west, Latryus is to the south and Zargotex is to the south east.
  • The 5 bosses are:
    • Cartpis
    • Latryus
    • Palwosis
    • Yatris
    • Zargotex

  • To kill one of the 3 big bosses you will need 1 boss egg and 10 uber tokens. These bosses have a very low chance to drop the best gear. You will have 15 minutes to kill these bosses or else you will be kicked out of the room.
  • To find the big bosses of the Forbidden Island take the green up arrow from the main floor. Then head north to another hole.

  • Now you will have arrived in the middle of this three way map. To the east you will find Farfit, south is Qatro and Aspdex is to the west.
    • Farfit has a chance to drop these shields:
    • Qatro has a chance to drop these boots:
    • Aspdex has a chance to drop these helmets:
  • Every one of the 3 bosses also have a chance to drop Forbidden island tokens.
  • You can use 5 of these tokens to buy one of these weapons:
  • These distance weapons cost 3 tokens each:
  • And ammunition cost 2 tokens each:

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